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Fractacular is an app with a dynamically animated, futuristic GUI that's completely interactive. Access the fractal database to view beautifully rendered fractal images with real-time color analysis of every pixel in the fractal.

IMPORTANT: This app does not allow you to create your own fractals. To do that, please check out my FractalMaker app.

When the app is in Full-Screen mode, you can simulate a screensaver for the current screen by clicking the RUN button, which will cycle through all of the fractals in order (with a fade transition animation) and then rollover back to the start.

Whenever you choose a new fractal, the app will target the Fractal Coordinate in Fractal-Space and then simulate scanning Fractal-Space to retrieve the fractal and bring it into view. The position of the current fractal is shown in the full Mandelbrot image of both the large viewer and the Nano-Viewer in the bottom-left of the window, via the white targeting arrows. The coordinate values, diameter, and render magnification are also displayed to the right of the Nano-Viewer.

Live Long and Prosper. \\//



  • 200 Fractal Images
  • 28 Color Themes
  • Fractal Space Targeting
  • Fractal Space Coordinate Readout
  • Clock
  • System Version Readout
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Titlebarless Windowed Mode
  • Millennium St*rDate
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